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Bees (Nucleus Colonies)

Nucs available for pickup here in Windsor, Maine. Nucleus hives, or nucs, are small 5 frame colonies made by dividing existing colonies in the early spring. Each nuc is given a queen and the colonies are allowed to establish themselves. When you receive your nuc it will consist of a frame of honey, 3 frames of brood with some honey and pollen, and one frame of foundation being drawn out as an area for the colony to expand into. Because there is brood hatching and young bees being born, nucs build up more quickly than packages and need to be transferred to full size colonies immediately. They will usually be ready for a second brood box within a few weeks of installation. Nucs should be fed until all frames in the first and second brood chamber are drawn out. Please note that if drawn frames are used instead of foundation they will be filled very quickly. The colony will need a super sooner if drawn comb is used.
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