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We manufacture our boxes from Eastern White Pine and offer both 8 frame & 10 frame sizes. All boxes have authentic box joints, predrilled nail holes, and E-z grip 6" hand holds.

Choose from Select, Commercial, Budget, and Down grade.
  • Select grade boxes are made with clear grade lumber and are carefully inspected.
  • Commercial grade boxes include solid knots. There are no knots allowed near box nailing joints, frame rests or on edges.
  • Budget grade boxes offer great value. These boxes will have some blemishes and knots may have some black but will not be loose. Budget boxes offer the same quality machining as commercial grade.
  • Down grade boxes are only offered in full pallet quantities and may be in limited supply. Down grade boxes are not for dealer resale. These boxes may have lower grade wood and loose knots but fit is usually good. Call for pricing and availability.
  • Product Image Item Name- Price
    5 11/16" Commercial Box

    5 11/16" Commercial Box or "Shallow Sup...

    5 11/16" Select Box

    5 11/16" Select Box or "Shallow Super."...

    6 5/8" Budget Box

    6 5/8" Budget Box or "Medium Super." Us...

    6 5/8" Commercial Box

    6 5/8" Commercial Box or "Medium Super....

    6 5/8" Select Box

    6 5/8" Select Box or "Medium Super." Us...

    9 1/2" Select Box

    9 1/2" Select Box or "Deep Hive Body." ...

    9 1/2" Budget Box

    9 1/2" Budget Box or "Deep Hive Body." ...

    9 1/2" Commercial Box

    9 1/2" Commercial Box or "Deep Hive Bod...

    Custom Sized Box

    Custom sized boxes are available on req...

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    5 11/16" Commercial Box

    5 11/16" Commercial Box or "Shallow Sup...