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Plastic Medium Frame

Starting at: $2.95

Pierco, ready-to-use, wax-coated Plastic Medium Frame. Choose color and wax coating options. With reinforced frame ears to prevent breakage, these plastic frames work well with automatic uncapping and extracting. Plastic frames are resistant to wax moth damage.

Features include:

  • Choice of color
  • Choice of standard wax or triple wax coating
  • No assembly required
  • Reinforced frame ears minimize breakage
  • 15% more brood area/honey production
  • A damaged comb can be scrapped and reused
  • Standard size works with any uncapper
  • Consistent and uniform cell width (5.2mm) -- less drone comb

Color Choice:

  • White, great for supers. The light nature of the plastic displays the true color of honey.
  • Black, great for brood. The high contrast against eggs allows easier identification.

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