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Hive Kits

Humble Abodes now offers several bee hive kits with options. These options will automatically calculate any cost difference.

10 Frame Hive or 8 Frame Hives - Ten frame wooden hive equipment has been the industry standard for over 100 years and is still the most commonly used size of equipment in the US. Eight frame equipment is lighter than 10 frame wood equipment by approximately 20 percent.

Budget Grade or Commercial Grade - Budget grade offers great value. We do allow wood imperfections and tight knots but wood fit is as good as commercial. Commercial grade will have some tight knots and generally clear wood.

Plastic Foundation or Wax Foundation
Product Image Item Name+ Price
3-Way Queen Mating Nuc

Our new 3-Way Queen Mating Nuc is a gre...

5 Frame Migratory Nuc

5 Frame Migratory Nuc. Includes migrato...

5 Frame Nuc

Our 5 Frame Nuc includes a solid bottom...

Double Nuc

Double Nucs are a great way to house 2 ...

Essential Hive 10 Frame

The Essential 10 Frame Hive includes wh...

Essential Hive 8 Frame

The Essential 8 Frame Hive kit includes...

Swarm Catcher Hive 10 Frame

Our Swarm Catcher 10 Frame Hive kit mak...

Swarm Catcher Hive 8 Frame

Our Swarm Catcher 8 Frame Hive kit make...