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Essential Hive 10 Frame

Price :
Starting at: $118.10

Bottom Board Type

Wood Grade

Foundation Type


The Essential 10 Frame Unassembled Hive kit includes what you need for your new hive. If you are catching swarms, making splits, or just starting a new hive this is a perfect way to get it all in one package.

Choose from several options when ordering the Essential kit.

  • Assembled Screen Bottom Board w/ Plastic Tray or Unassembled Solid Bottom Board
  • Commercial Grade wood or Budget Grade wood
  • Wood Frames with Wax Foundation or Wood Frames with Plastic Foundation

    Our 10 Frame Unassembled Essential kit includes Telescoping Outer Cover, Inner Cover, Two 9 1/2" Deep Hive Bodies, Wood Frames, Foundation, Bottom Board with Entrance Reducer, and Nails.
    Assembly is required.

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