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Swarm Catcher Hive 10 Frame

Price :
Starting at: $74.55

Bottom Board Type

Wood Grade

Foundation Type


Our Swarm Catcher 10 Frame Unassembled Hive kit includes all the woodenware and foundation needed for your backup hive in the spring, or just the bare basics for starting a new colony started.

We offer a few options when ordering the Swarm Catcher kit. Choose from:

  • Assembled Screen Bottom Board or Unassembled Solid Bottom Board
  • Budget Grade wood or Commercial Grade wood
  • Wood Frames with Plastic Foundation or Wood Frames with Wax Foundation

    This 10 frame hive kit includes a Bottom Board with Entrance Reducer, 9 1/2" Deep Box, Wedge or Grooved Frames (depending on foundation type), Foundation, Inner Cover, and Outer Cover.

    Please Note-Ships unassembled and does not include nails or glue.