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Swarm Catcher Hive 8 Frame

Price :
Starting at: $71.07

Bottom Board Type

Wood Grade

Foundation Type


Our Swarm Catcher 8 Frame Unassembled Hive kit includes all the woodenware and foundation needed for your backup hive in the spring, or just the bare basics for starting a new colony started.

We offer a few options when ordering the Swarm Catcher kit. Choose from:

  • Assembled Screen Bottom Board or Unassembled Solid Bottom Board
  • Budget Grade wood or Commercial Grade wood
  • Wood Frames with Plastic Foundation or Wood Frames with Wax Foundation

    This 8 frame hive kit includes a Bottom Board with Entrance Reducer, 9 1/2" Deep Box, Wedge or Grooved Frames (depending on foundation type), Foundation, Inner Cover, and Outer Cover.

    Please Note-Ships unassembled and does not include nails or glue.

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